Bug fixes Update plus adding Icelandic language!

We're still interested in bringing new languages to Depth of Extinction. Community member Alliat was kind enough to volunteer to do the Icelandic translation for the game. If you are interested in doing (or contributing to) a community translation, please join our Discord and request the translator role! Thanks so much to all our community translators for helping us expand the audience that can play Depth of Extinction. Right now we also have Japanese (thanks Kui), German (thanks Barba-Q), Spanish (thanks Emanuel) and Simplified Chinese (thanks xiaojinzhu) and we would love to add more.

New Stuff

  • Added Icelandic language (thanks to our community translator Alliat)
  • Added a new Raider boss for the insane missions in the Cultists area
  • Default action for follower characters in defensive mode changed to Defend instead of Overwatch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that results in a soft lock when a character with an "auto revive" skill is killed by an enemy "return fire" skill
  • Fixed an issue causing the movement overlay to sometimes not appear
  • Pirate enemy icons not appearing
  • Missed translation on Mission Loadout "no equipment" box
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Change camera zoom and end turn were not working correctly
  • "Get Low" skill was triggering when movement was interrupted and second action was something other than movement

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I wanted to release this first preview early because it has a really huge feature that many of you have asked for: translations in nine different languages. I don’t have the funds to invest in translating into all the languages I would like to support, so I am hoping that the community will be able to help fix problems with specific translations over the next few months before Build 53 is considered “final.”

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A small update with some bug fixes went live today on Steam, GOG and itch.io. It will be coming soon to consoles!

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We've made a lot of updates to DOE over the last month since the Definitive Edition launched. These are all a part of Build 52.10 which I've been posting about in the forums so some of this you may have seen before.

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