Localization Update is LIVE on Steam, GOG and itch!

This update features 4 additional languages and a TON of quality of life and balancing changes!

Hi all, welcome to the Localization Update (aka Build 53) of Depth of Extinction! Highlights are full translations into Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese as well as quite a few new “quality of life” features and lots of small balancing changes and bug fixes.

This was a huge update as I had to touch every system in the game to fully localize it and the final translation size was almost 25,000 words! If you played DOE, then you know it is a very text heavy game so this won’t surprise you. I had to make a few edits to get the word count to a more reasonable size but it is very close in content to the English version.

New Features

  • Added a key binding menu in the Controls tab. This should let you rebind *most- keyboard shortcuts in the game. Sorry, but haven't got support for gamepad/joystick remapping yet. This could be in a future update.
  • When a dead character is revived they will immediately get a turn with a single action point. I expect there may be some edge cases that don't work quite right but using an item on the character to revive worked quite well in my testing.
  • On Equipment lists, I removed the Tier drop down selector in favor of a toggle that will hide items that are already equipped to someone else, can't be equipped at all, or (in the case of weapons) outside of the class requirements for the character. Should help you pare down long lists of equipment in the late game.
  • A Secondary enemy faction is now assigned to each area and can appear in Stronghold and Mini Boss map nodes
  • Stat displays in various places that only showed an icon and the number value have been changed to display the text label for the stat and the value. I think this change is really overdue and should make it easier to understand the game.
  • Character Stats panel is greatly improved and now allows selection in controller mode

The controller binding screen

Other Changes

  • Level cap raised to 11
  • Level up experience requirements after level 4 are greatly increased as characters were capping out way too early due to some miscalculations in the last update
  • Increase starting health by 4 in either mode (13 is normal, 9 in hardcore) and decrease health allocated from skill point upgrades (con 4 to 3, grit 2 to 1, butcher 2 to 1)
  • Encounter types were rebalanced, especially for later areas to greatly reduce or remove less interesting encounters (like hostage rescue) and increase the likelihood of boss fights and enemy strongholds (where you might see the secondary enemy faction)
  • Raider Heavy Armor changed to tier 3 equipment
  • The main enemy on the last area was slightly nerfed by reducing their total ammo
  • All AOE weapons (mostly the Wrecker weapons) were slightly nerfed by using their “minimum hits” value only (instead of random between min/max) on a “non turn” attack (i.e. overwatch, return fire, etc)
  • The objective loadout screen’s replace character function is now more clear by showing you the character that would be replaced by a character you add
  • Items currently equipped to a character could be sold at a merchant. Now an alert will pop up letting you know that the item is equipped and you won’t be able to sell it.
  • Itchy Trigger and Sentry were granted with an “out of class” weapon. Now a Deadeye equipped with an SMG (for instance) will no longer get Sentry on their turn start.
  • Enemies will now prioritize targeting your team over the turrets in the area
  • Turrets no longer appear on platform missions
  • Continue box gets a confirmation popup when you could retry to make sure its clear you will lose characters
  • The menu buttons in the top right will always display on the HUD. We had some soft locks happen on enemy turn and the buttons were hidden so the menu and bug report UI’s could not be opened
  • better formatting on the money displayed on the objective loadout as it didn’t have commas and would line break if you got too rich

Stats are easier to read with the text label replacing the icon

Bug Fixes

  • Bug causing characters to face the wrong direction while moving after a stop is fixed
  • Cases causing soft locks on enemy turn fixed (it was actually a “time out” case but the time was set to 30s so it appeared to be a soft lock to many players)
  • A bug causing some inconsistent behavior for the “area aiming” interaction for the Wrecker weapon is now fixed
  • Removed extra items that are not unlockable from equipment counts and database
  • Fixed an issue where the percentage complete displayed on the save file was incorrect and it was not possible to get it to 100%
  • Frag grenade was only showing a single action use on the HUD if used on the first action when it would consume both
  • If the character had return fire and a revive skill/item, the revive was not being triggered when they die
  • There were reports that saving into a new slot would reset the play time. I haven’t been able to reproduce the exact sequence that caused this issue but i made a change that I think should keep it from happening.
  • When a stunning weapon managed to get a Stun on an enemy on an overwatch shot, they were immediately losing the stunned state.
  • bug allowing characters inflicted with a status (like bleeding) to then pass it on in their attacks is fixed
  • A long time bug was found and fixed! the opening encounters for the enemy class objectives were not being fired.
  • Another long time bug as a failed or aborted mission was able to be retried from the map by clicking on the node

More about translations

The DOE Translators really did amazing work on helping me get this update across the finish line, so I want to make sure each one is recognized!

  • Spanish was done by Emanuel Osnay
  • Chinese was done by xiaojinzhu
  • German was done by Ingo "Barba-Q" Nölleke
  • Japanese was done by Kui

We also had some smaller contributions to Japanese by Divi.

You can help!

I’m really hoping to get the game translated into French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Russian in the future. If you want to help, please join the HOF Studios Discord and let me know. I can give you the translator role and let you have access to the language you want to work on. Everyone that contributes even a single translation will be given a community translator credit. Making major contributions and/or helping with testing a particular language will get you a full translator credit.

If you have another language that you would like to help translate, let me know and we can investigate if it can be done!

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