Polyroll is part of SAGE 2020!

This is the 20th annual Sonic Amateur Game Expo

Polyroll is back in the Sonic Amateur Game Expo for the 20th anniversary with a brand new demo of the Polyrolopolis levels! Fight the stoplight boss and explore 2 of the most interesting levels in the full game!

SAGE Polyroll page

Polyroll SAGE Demo direct download

You can also play many other Sonic fan games on the main SAGE site!

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To celebrate the release of Polyroll, we made a custom retro game box that will fit in a SEGA Genesis box!

Posted on 11/03/2019

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Thanks to everyone who has played Polyroll this week! It's been very exciting seeing people having fun with the game. We've heard about a few bugs and issues and have a patch ready to address them.

Posted on 11/02/2019

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