Patch notes for 1.04

Thanks to everyone who has played Polyroll this week! It's been very exciting seeing people having fun with the game.

We've heard about a few bugs and issues and have a patch ready to address them. Here's what's included

  • More bumpers spawning on the UFO boss
  • Small balancing adjustments to the Plug and Ghost bosses
  • Pause (or lack thereof) Issues with the beach ball, pig enemies and icicles
  • Performance issues on some systems on the final boss
  • Left stick drift on the xbox
  • A few cases where bombs and other item sprites were doing odd things on swinging platforms

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I wanted to release this first preview early because it has a really huge feature that many of you have asked for: translations in nine different languages. I don’t have the funds to invest in translating into all the languages I would like to support, so I am hoping that the community will be able to help fix problems with specific translations over the next few months before Build 53 is considered “final.”

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A small update with some bug fixes went live today on Steam, GOG and It will be coming soon to consoles!

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Polyroll is back in the Sonic Amateur Game Expo for the 20th anniversary with a brand new demo of the Polyrolopolis levels! Fight the stoplight boss and explore 2 of the most interesting levels in the full game!

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