HOF Studios
Based in Atlanta, GA

Release Date:
Demo: November 2016
First Access: June 2017
Full Game: TBA 2018

PC, OSX, Linux


Regular Price:
USD 19.99


Depth of Extinction is a retro style turn based tactics game with roguelike and RPG elements. The setting is in the far future when water covers the earth and humanity lives in undersea habitats. You run tactical for the Republic, the only surviving government and take on missions in a crumbling, procedurally generated world to maintain order. Every mission unlocks new equipment and options and progress can be made even if your team dies. We've heard it described as a combination of FTL and X-Com with a dash of RPG.

500 years after the waters rose, humanity is dying and only your team of mercs can find out what is trying to bring mankind to extinction. Find cover and attack enemies but be careful because every move is critical if you want to keep your team alive.


It is the future and the seas have risen, covering almost all land. Humanity has retreated to a series of undersea and floating habitats, but many have been abandoned over the centuries and are targets for pirates who loot them for valuable technology and stores. Humanity is in decline.

Game Features

  • Turn based, tactical control of a squad of mercenary pirates
  • Randomly generated maps with random encounters
  • Procedurally generated undersea habitats to explore
  • Unlock more starting options with each successful mission
  • Tons of weapons, armor and items to find
  • Many character skills to unlock based on stats and chosen class
  • Recruit unique characters to your team
  • Perma-Death!
  • Mission based gameplay
  • 15+ different enemy types, each with unique AI and attack patterns
  • Beautiful pixel art environments where everything is destructible

Release Schedule

  • Demo Released 10/31/2016
  • First Access released on a limited basis on itch.io in June 2017
  • Full game scheduled for release in Spring 2018




Barrel Fire
Barrel Fire
Barrel Fire
Barrel Fire

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Awards and Recognition

Best Design
SIEGE Conference 2017

Official Selection
Indie MEGASHOW Atlanta

Steam Greenlight

Indie Showcase Georgia Award Finalist
MomoCon 2017

Excellence in Indie Game Design Finalist
SIEGE Conference 2016


I think this is going to be an incredible game when it’s finished. It’s already damn fun now!

Depth of Extinction, a tactical turn-based RPG inspired by X-Com and Fallout, will have players wandering a flooded post-apocalyptic world, fighting pirates, raiders, and androids while trying to keep order.

What do you get when you cross FTL with X-com? My money!

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About HOF Studios

HOF Studios is an independent game studio founded by Mike Stumhofer in 2015 with a goal of making fun retro games.


Mike Stumhofer
Development & Design

Kevin Dressel

Sebastien Vakerics
Pixel Art

Michael Erhardt
Concept Art & Illustration

Paul McGovern

Colton Daniels
Michael Boal

Niko Berry